Dog Training Philosophy

When training my dogs, I make sure that I use positive reinforcements, lots of toy play, food and high rewards when correctly learning new things. I do not stay on the same thing for too long and always stop on a good note. If something needs fixing, I will go back and work on that in small increments, prior to moving on. I always make sure that training is fun and rewarding for the dog and try to understand the personality and learning ability of each individual dogs to adjust to their needs.

When working with people and their dogs, I break things down into simple steps and make sure that first the dog owner understands the motion of new techniques and how to implement the technique, to minimize mishandling and avoid confusing the dog, especially when learning something knew for the first time. My martial Art background has taught me to visually physically break down techniques into parts and learn to apply them as a whole. Importantly, it is important to stay connected. Also, my teaching background as a K to 12th grade science teacher and ELS for adults in business schools, has taught me how to help people understand was is being taught to them. Finally, having learned to speak 3 languages (English, French & Japanese has taught that another language such as the “doggy woof” language is no different in some ways. Keep thing down to the basic and minimize word usage to simplify the learning and get right to the point.

Demonstrations are very important, especially for beginners and their first dog. By visualizing and modeling it is easier to comprehend what one is learning. I like to address myself to both, the dog owner and the dog’s needs of learning. Also, I like to look at a dog’s natural talent, and help the dog develop confidence around that. With consistency, obedience becomes a natural part of a dog’s life and means of communication with their owner and agility is a fun, challenging and rewarding sport. Agility is an art that I understand well, due to cumulative experiences in my life. To name a few, I was a sprinter during Track and Field in high school, I ran marathons in my 20’s & 30’s, which gave me a better understanding of the body and need for stretching to avoid injury, etc. In addition, I worked with all kinds of animals, under different circumstances. I raised and rode horses, competing in hunters and jumpers & worked at the race track; I worked as a zoo keeper with all different exotic animals including elephants and lions; I have worked with raccoons, ferrets, goats, pigs etc., I was a wildlife biologist and encountered bears, eagles etc. The basic line is that I have had always a connection with animals. With all these experiences, I envision myself in becoming an obedience dog trainer, to give people a positive bonding start with their dog, and an agility dog trainer for those who wants to enjoy that activity with their 4-legged partner!