Ranking System

Youth Ranking System (6 – 18 years old)

Solid color and stripe belts

Pre-10th Kyu: Yellow Stripe
10th Kyu:          Yellow Belt
Pre-9th Kyu:    Green Stripe
9th Kyu:            Green Belt
Pre-8th Kyu:    Blue Stripe
8th Kyu:            Blue Belt
Pre-7th Kyu:    Purple Stripe
7th Kyu:            Purple Belt
Pre-6th Kyu:    Brown Stripe
6th Kyu:            Brown Belt
Pre-5th Kyu:    Black Stripe
5th Kyu:             Black Belt with White Stripe

The Youth Black Belt Level merges into the adult testing system.

Junior Black Belt Teacher Assistant

The 5th Kyu Junior Black Belt level empowers students to help assist the instructor in youth classes to teach them leadership skills, as they have learned all the youth foundation techniques from 10th-5th Kyu.  They have earned that honor!  Also, advanced youth students are encourage to lead warm-up activities to learn responsibility.

Adult Black Belt System

Kyu System:   5th Kyu to 1st Kyu
Dan System:  1st degree Black Belt to 10th degree Black Belt