Adult Classes

  • Welcome to observe
  • 3 free classes for newcomers
  • All beginners are welcome (Long sleeve shirt and sweatpants are fine)
  • Mixed with beginners and advanced students
  • Practice at your own pace and fitness level
  • Note: Aikido requires learning to role or fall forward and backwards. (Keep in mind physical constraints or old injuries.) Take care of your body: it walks with you the rest of your life.
  • Welcome to practice with children and teens classes

Wooden Weapon Practice

O-Sensei founded Aikido after decades of practicing and studying sword and stick fighting. When practicing with the wooden weapons, one can discover the relationship between the weapon movements and the empty hand movements.

  • Foundation of hands-on techniques deriving from weapon techniques
  • Use of Jo (Wood stick)
  • Use of Bokken/Katana (Wood sword)
  • Use of Tanto (Wood knife)